Pinecone ……. in various pagan religions transition to Christianity …….. pinecone pineal gland is the most important gland in the human body .. also the third eye



All religions in the world famous quotes from a single source and Rooms girl from the same source it is the land of the Sumerians and the beginning of human civilization, which was founded by Sri Alaelhh with the help of elves

كل الديانات المشهورة في العالم نقلت من مصدر واحد وتبنت رومز من نفس المصدر انها ارض السومريين وبداية الحضارة البشرية التي اسسها انكي بمساعدة الاءلهة الجان

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We reversed the Pharaohs in ancient times

We reversed the Pharaohs in ancient times …. it was called the sun for three different names, in the name of the sunrise period and the middle of the day and in the name sunset last name …… All these three names related to the Pharaonic Balmithologih the Bible, the first day is called Horus and in the middle is called In Re sunset called six these are all the gods of Pharaonic .hee astonishing that we currently deliberating two words back to the origins of this word label (the horizon) origin of Horus, a line of sight at sunrise sunset Achamms.oma English (sun set) is the god of six …. ….


Candlestick Menorah

Candlestick Menorah

Jews first code of theories that explain how she has become a symbol of the Jews is a quotation from the worship of the Babylonian theory replace the seven gods of the Babylonians, which in turn is a quotation and the embodiment of the subject of the seven chakras in the body for seven Alansan of Angels


الشمعدان او المينورا
رمز اليهود الأول من النظريات التي توضح كيف صارت رمز لليهود هي نظرية اقتباس من العبادات البابلية استبدال الآلهة السبعة للبابليين الذي هو بدوره اقتباس وتجسيد لموضوع الشاكرات السبعة في جسم الاءنسان ب سبعة من الملائكة

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Why do we see in Islam a brutal sanctions

Why do we see in Islam a brutal sanctions
Skin and cutting and stoning and steel
And do not see a prison sentence?
Prison sentence known since ancient times, so that the Quran mentioned 9 times in Surah Yusuf and has not denounced. So why completely absent imprisonment of the Islamic Penal Code?
The reason for this is that Islam is a religion written by Bedouins, nomads living in tents, people in prison tents impossible, and the largesse of the desert not a lot of food is difficult to provide food for the prison population for a long time.


Jews say that God created the heavens and the earth in six days and then rested on Saturday, the Sabbath of the word sabbat and in Hebrew means rest or stop working
Therefore Jews and resting on Saturday and do not do anything follow the example of God
God denounced them in the Koran to say that God rested on Saturday.
(We created the heavens and the earth and all between them in six days and what we have seen of weariness)
Then contrary to the Koran itself, God created the universe in six days and “Atstah” then:
The Lord God who created the heavens and the earth in six days and then mounted the Throne
Interestingly, the same God metamorphosis Jews monkeys because they did not respect the sanctity of the rest on the Sabbath (which they originally condemn it either).
(Ask them about the village that were present in the sea as preparing Saturday as the day come upon them Hatanhm Spthm legally and not on Espton not come upon them as well as Nblohm for their misdeeds)
(I have you know who attacked you on the Sabbath. We told them ye apes, despised and rejected),
Aajp not like that and does not like that Aajp
Sure, they were chanting: Ahturna Menen Nbosc O Aqra.
Sunday of any number one began the first day God created the universe, then Monday is the day second and third Tuesday and Wednesday, the fourth and fifth Thursday and Friday collection in which Adam and Eve and Saturday and took him hibernate Nam
The funny thing is also that the authors of the Qur’an did not pay attention to the meaning of the Hebrew word coma did not change the name on Saturday

What we have learned in school about the past completely wrong

8In fact assures us archeological discoveries day after day that there was never a man cave primitive that preceded civilization and but there always was a man sane and conscious of all that goes on around him as the man reached in the past to many science outweigh the science that we know today extended from the smallest thing such as maize and the smaller ones to nuclear explosions and stars even further than imagined our mind, and in contrast to assure us of our educational system that man has lived a large period of time as a creature primitive stupid can not accomplish anything by itself, and then suddenly .. discover the effects reveal the human being developed …
How Could this man to turn this sudden shape between day and night to an advanced stage makes the miracles, and the sincerity that among the relics unearthed there are about 64 invention more complexity known in the twenty-first century technology, does not have to be a genius in order to realize that there is something wrong with the theory that we learned in school, and therefore the work of some archaeologists to another theory adopted by the strong evidence they also explain very clearly what was described as a mysterious puzzle.
Was published in 1993 a book entitled “The Science of Muharram effects” of the two authors, Richard Thompson and Michael Karimou who recounted a significant body of evidence and documented evidence and skeletal remains of a humanitarian and tools and others suggest that humans like us have lived on this earth for a very long number Science and technology is more sophisticated.
And in 1996 it aired NBC television station and a documentary program entitled “Human origins of the mysterious” and has been detected by archaeological facts amazing and modern discoveries archaeological and conducted interviews with scientists professional effects and put all this in front of the audience and left them full freedom to understand and explain what they have seen with their own eyes and found this program a great success as millions request re-broadcast program.
The world before the flood
Stories and folk genes describe the survivors of the flood were members of the very upscale civilization completely ceased to exist after the Great Flood or “Noah’s flood” also underscores the Egyptian records that the human race, which preceded the dynasty Pharaonic it was of status and great powers … and also mention when “Indians Alkwyncy “The first race of humans that prevailed before the Flood possessed all kinds of knowledge, as mentioned in many cultures around the world, the question now arises whether man evolved from a primitive civilization, why all these civilizations are talking about the golden age that preceded the Deluge …
Also, not only limited mention Ziusudra “Noah” Ibrahimeya name in the books, but said in many civilizations In the island of Hawaii was named: no-and, and in the old Sudan: pointed, and at the Bushman people, noted .. etc., as these Civilizations appeared suddenly in full their systems in roughly the same period and bear features in common with each other in terms of customs, science and astronomical discoveries and buildings engineering … etc., Is Created all those nations this name and the sudden appearance in the same period and the great similarities just a coincidence or is it that this civilizations descended from a common origin with the survivors of the flood …
Archaeological discoveries in modern times
After that calmed the flood and human stabilized again mankind began to build another civilization Mstaan ​​what remains of civilization golden age and Human probably managed in this period of building a civilization similar to our civilization, and may leave us time after the disappearance of these civilizations once again as a result of human greed after signs promoted and progress of these civilizations and we will discuss some of them together.