.. Greetings from the heart to the Prime Minister of Australia



an advice to The countries of Europe and the West, .. Greetings from the heart to the Prime Minister of Australia
If you want to maintain your situation between the civilized countries of the world and the values ​​of civilization and progress
Which you come to after Jihad and blades at various levels … if you really Teredo n move forward strongly and hardness Valammer very simple and convenience …. All you need is to listen carefully and carefully to statements by the Prime Minister of Australia and then go Qaeda and you put her remarks monument your eyes and go back for centuries, but the average over again … Here is the text of her remarks movable transportation … and this only from the door greeting and admire them and their statements and all Ialit rulers and regimes in the whole world like … greeting from the heart of a great lady of the Lord saved
And summarize her words as follows:
Prime Minister of Australia hit again:
– Who wants to live under Islamic law it leave Australia
– We have developed a culture for more than two centuries after a lot of struggle by
Millions of men and women who sought to Freedom
– Most Australians believe in God and its principles of Christianity founded this country
– We speak English and not Arabic or any other language. If you want to be
Part of our community, we just need to learn our language
– We accept your beliefs without any questions of our own All we ask from you
It is non-interference in our beliefs and to live with us in peace and harmony
– This is our country, our land and our way of life and we Nhbk the opportunity to enjoy it
But from the moment they start to complain and complain about our commitments
Or Christianity and beliefs of our way of life, I strongly encourage you
To take advantage of other freedom we offer you: the right to leave
– If you were not happy here, then Get out .. We did not force you to come to us
I come from yourself permission to accept the state as is or kiss you to leave
Read this, but not only from Saudi Arabia to force people to certain things, there are other countries


Author: ashraflionshadow

Egyptian man love for humanity, freedom and justice and the beautiful women and the taste of art and appreciate the floor And the most hated injustice and tyrants and murderers wherever Flantwasal all for a better life for mankind+ eygypt 01202889735

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