the biggest mystery book

David Eike (His most important book on the space objects and human reptiles and conspiracy theory in the modern era) of this Q & A with David Eike is a British journalist who devoted his life to search for the facts he has lived in hiding on the run from his pursuers and has several books and see that the world is governed by the day descendant strains of the interview reptiles literal sense of the word ..
Back to anywhere genetic mixing of strains operations?
To the Near and Middle East.
To any two of the 33 belongs to the President of the United States, genetically?
King Alfred the Great of England and Charlemagne.
What does it mean Masonic logo (Urdu August Shao)?
System of a heart disorder.
How planet in our galaxy could contain life, such as those we know it on Earth, according to Sir Francis Crick?
One million planet, at least.
What is the speed of light?
186000 miles per second.
How light-years away it may take the light to cross the galaxy?
100 years.
When the presence of the Sumerians?
4000 to 2000 BC.
What is called the gods in the Sumerian tablets?
Anunnaki where he came from?
A planet called Nibiru, and is known as the (Tiamat) and according to the Sumerians.
What creating the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars, according to Zcara Sechin?
Nibiru collision with the moon.
What happened to the remains of Nibiru / Tiamat according to Zcara Sechin?
It entered orbit the Earth and eventually became.
What happened to the human race than 200 thousand years ago?
Evolution and change has occurred has not been scientifically explained in physical form.
Who wrote the book of Genesis and Exodus and why the books?
Levites Bactapthma they (scientists in Khvaya Egypt), and the books on the Sumerian tales and events.
What happened on the ground between 11000 and 4000 BC?
Disaster befell the planet and destroyed with advanced civilizations of the Golden Age.
When told that the Anunnaki arrived and the land was their leader?
From 450,000 a year and their leader was Drajko.
According to Brian Despurug, what it was symbolized by the wars of the gods in ancient texts?
Martians war between whites and ground black race evolving.
About 3000 BC, when the great pyramids were built, it was the brains behind the planned Egyptian civilization?
Martian white race called the Phoenicians.
Any constellation of stellar told that sweat creeping may incline?
What is its Egyptian pyramids star?
Thorban: it was called the northern part of the star, a constellation Drajko.
What is the main center of global clandestine network today?
Snake organization.
What are pheromones?
Materials stores and launched the animals until the discovery of its existence by the platoon to which it belongs.
What are the animal pheromones by chemically similar to those found in women?
What is the difference between the full race, a race genes creeping and creeping hybrid race?
Race full creeping reptiles are using the human form to hide what they are, and the sweat creeping hybrid understand human hybrid strains creeping acquired by reptiles of the fourth dimension.
How emotional stress leads to disease?
Our thoughts and our emotions unbalanced create an imbalance in the body oscillometer harmony.
Where did the phrase “to see someone look evil”?
The ability of sweat creeping strains to direct a very strong magnetic gaze leads to hypnosis through the eye (eg Massachin blood in the series and movies).
Who is the founder of Babylon according to ancient texts?
Nimrod, who ruled with his wife Queen Simirames.
How was the symbol of Nimrod and Simirames, and the qualities that gave them?
Nimrod his Balsmkh code and name of Baal, and Simirames like a fish or a dove and the name Baalta.
Where the back of the White Aryan race and hybrids creeping after the flood?
Caucasus Mountains.
What was the original text of the Book of Enoch: Idris?
Noah book.
Find of Hinduism and Sanskrit to enter India?
White Aryan race from the Caucasus Mountains, and who moved to India around 1550 BC.
Who is the Prince Madok?
Is Aloizliyn, went to the beach in America 300 years before Columbus.
Where descended from the Jewish race?
Caucasus Mountains.
Where is the Earth’s energy network center?
The British Isles.
What was the origin of the swastika before they otherwise the Nazis?
Aryan Phoenician symbol of the sun, which means light and creation.
What to symbolize white horse?
It Phoenician symbol of the sun.
How it is moved and the transfer of staggering size stones in the old days?
By sound and other techniques that were used to take electromagnetic field around the stones and resolve of the laws of gravity.
What to symbolize black when the Aryans?
the sun.
Where it came from Hollywood Hollywood name?
From flaming tree, a sacred symbol of the Druid. Flaming tree proportion to Moses Holy: sacred, wood: sticks, holy Alasya Hollywood
According to David Icke, what is the role of religious laws that exist today?
Mind prison and packaging feelings of guilt and fear.
What is the basis of all ancient religions?
the sun.
The texts in the Torah are designed as a means of passing secret spiritual knowledge of elite selected, and what else?
To create a false religion be a prison of peoples that are not considered the elite of the elect.
Why is December 25 on an important day for the worshipers of the sun?
Because it is the day on which the sun begins its journey in which Avatar summer trend again and about the height of its power, I was born on that day.
Who is the son of Queen Simirames and what happened to him?
Ninos-July, and was crucified with a lamb at his feet and then put in a cave.
What is the origin of Kabbalah?
Origin of the Levites, who stole the knowledge of Egypt and then they expand the scope of these sciences as a result of their stay in Babylon.
What was the sacred language used in the Egyptian spiritual schools?
Where a statement made that non-Jews are created to serve the Jews as slaves to them?
Leonardo da Vinci was a great member of any secret society?
Priory of Sion.
How would you describe panel da Vinci (The Last Supper) towers signs?
Students section 12 to 4 groups, each group with three, with Jesus, who is an icon in the image of the sun, is in the midst of them.
Why wear this funny graduation caps during graduation?
It’s called the mortar plates are used and the circuit box in their design and which are the symbol of the Masonic symbols.
Why rely on the Savior stories that have been canning human and encrypt them?
On three grounds:
I was born in original sin does not deserve anything because you are guilty of no value to you from the day I got to this planet.
It will not save you unless you believe in the community to which they belong Savior, and the implementation of what he says and tells you its ruling cleric for your sect.
If you believe your sect did not follow the law, you are an infidel and Medan, and will burn in the fire of hell forever.
Why the letter M is very important secret brotherhood?
It means Mary and Madonna, both mean Simirames.
Who is the family that developed the Old Testament?
Kalpornillos pesos family, which was one of the Romanian aristocracy.
Of the Romanian version of Jesus?
Religions Christianity, Judaism and Islamic day (writer and is intended here that have become distorted design of scholars and clerics nothing to do with the Prophet Mohammed and Jesus Christ and Moses out), designed and distorted to suppress any energy?
The female energy, because the female energy is a way intuitive contact with higher levels of consciousness infinite-dimensional top.
What is Zoroastrianism?
Range to the sun god Zoroaster.
What has been agreed upon in 1545 by the Romanian Church in the Council of Trent?
That they’ve got the lives of women, and they got the vote of only three votes.
The reason for the persecution of witches and spiritual intermediaries and scientists spirit and internal self-enlightened?
Attacked the clergy in those centuries the female energy in order to bring about the imbalance in the Earth’s energy, and hold these spiritual knowledge them alone.
What the underlying science behind tantric sex?
Kundalini awakening sexual energy in the spine, and turn it into a spiritual energy and where of course.
Is the family of Windsor is full reptiles genes and blood or hybrids (half-human and half-reptile)?
Complete blood genes and they know it.
What was the role of Karl Marx on the agenda and the outline of the fraternal secret?
I have been using to create a communist, and is one of the great tools that have been used in order to split and disperse the people and control them through fear.
What secret society Cecil Rhodes, who was known as a member of it?
What are the three important secret societies that have emerged in the twelfth century?
Knights Templar and the Knights of the hospital in Jerusalem and the Teutonic Order.
What is the secret society located in Rome under the auspices of important religious figures?
Order of Malta, formerly known horsemen hospital.
Black and white flags made of two squares, and the skull and bones Almichabactan, and the control tower, all symbols of any secret society?
Knights Templar.
What kind of tile that you’ll find in any Masonic Temple?
White and black boxes.
Skull and Bones, the code to what?
Black magic ritual among fraternal secret.
What is the secret satanic society who drink blood, which was founded at Yale in and established in 1832-3, and members of the Bush belongs to him?
Skulls and Bones society.
What to symbolize the obelisk (vertical monument)?
It Ari Old Egyptian symbol of the sun, the energy and the male penis, penis Osiris.
What is the Earth’s energy network?
Network magnetic force lines known as Lai, dragon tracks or lines lines.
What are the main character in the female energy?
It’s creative energy.
What is the column or monument, which collided with a car when Princess Diana de L’Alma in Paris?
Da Vinci, Botticelli, Sir Isaac Newton, Jean Cocteau, Victor Hugo and Claude Debussy, all of whom belong to any secret society?
Priory of Sion.
What do you suggest in the life of Shakespeare that he did not write all these plays?
Stratford was not able to provide universities so high degrees, his parents were uneducated, did not show any interest to the study, his son was not educated and did not know even write her name and is seventh in the twenty-year-old.
In any place and for centuries has been configured Freemasonry?
The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, in Scotland.
How many degrees of advancement are found in weather Scottish Freemason?
33 degrees.
Why was named New York?
York Masonic ritual.
Freemasonry is the interface for anything?
For worship and upgrade the power of sweat creeping.
What option provided by the fraternal those who refused to religious rituals and rites to make sure they will not get out of their grip and will not be able to discover the reality of their lives and their origin?
Modern science.
What was the royal family?
A group of scientists formed the secret brotherhood and wisdom to limit Spirituality Science.
What share religious laws and modern science today?
Both the human and spiritual conceals its secrets and dimensions of reality and even condemned, and condemn our strength and our ability to choose what we want and who we are.
Where the biggest center of a network of fraternal secret is?
Where the remaining books were stored after the destruction of the great library of Alexandria in Egypt spiritual order of the Romans in the fourth century?
In Vatican City.
What is the most important in the Phoenician language, sound or spelling?
What is the satanic club, which Benjamin Franklin was the founding father of the United States, a member of it?
Nightclub fire of hell satanic.
What has been found in the former home of Benjamin Franklin in London, where he lived there?
The remains of ten bodies, including the bodies of six children.
What marked the inauguration of George Washington’s presidential ceremony?
It was a ritual Mason.
What determines the victory of one of the candidates in the presidential election?
Who has the highest amount of property genes.
What to symbolize the Red Cross on a white background?
It Phoenician symbol of the sun.
What relationship the Jewish star in David?
Who controls the universe and Israel?
Rothschild family.
Of which the church was divided into Catholic and Protestant?
Martin Luther.
What was the god Horus, and his father was?
The god of war, and his father Osiris.
Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank are the financial centers of any industry?
Why is it important to the drug trade scheme fraternal secret?
It’s designed to stop the collapse of communities and young people for what they are and discover their abilities, but in order to earn huge amounts of money.
What is diabolical?
Worship very destructive negative force, are granted different Asami over the centuries, such as Satan, Lucifer, Nimrod and other ….)
People interested in any of the sweat creeping blood?
Those with blond hair and white people with blue eyes.
How satanic ritual continues with the fourth dimension sweat of your reptiles bottom?
By focusing on her feelings of low frequencies vibrations such as fear, guilt and hatred.
What is the main role of the diabolical?
The magnetic field of the Earth control.
Communication and worship their masters of sweat creeping.
Absorb the life energy of their victims.
Energy security creeping race who seem to be on people’s feelings Itagzu private fear.
Why is sex commonplace during Satanic rituals?
Because in a moment of ecstasy it explodes body powered by sweat creeping Hetanian and their families and can be absorbed.
For any kind of research the Nazis studied ancient Egyptian texts?
Minds encryption and control.
What happens in the Disney theme park after closing its doors?
Satanic ritual and programming based on shock.
What to symbolize the eye that sees everything on the dollar coin?
Eye of Horus, the devil (Lucifer), Satan, etc …
Statue of Liberty represents from? It is where he came from?
Queen represents Simirames / Isis. It has been given to New York by the French Freemasonry.
Where the evolution of the eagle symbol?
Of a phoenix, a bird sacred sun in the civilizations of the ancient Phoenicians and Egyptians.
What is the weather spritzers Masonic symbol?
Double Eagle with head seen in both directions, Nimrod code.
There km level on the pyramid seal and why?
13, steps to upgrade the Illuminati represent.
Obelisk monument or vertical symbol for anything?
Energy male / solar energy.
What is a dome?
Female, Moon energy.
Under no laws were the streets of major cities design?
Sacred geometry laws.
What is a black sun?
Harmful use of solar energy.
Why American presidents put their hands on their breasts during the hearing the national anthem?
It is part of Masonic ritual.
What is a double-box?
Control of all that is true and all that is wrong.
What common between Lincoln and Kennedy?
Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846 and Kennedy in 1946
Lincoln was elected president in 1860 and Kennedy in 1960
Assassin Lincoln was born in 1839 and fought Kennedy in 1939
Both of their names successors Johnson
Khalifa Lincoln was born in 1808 and Kennedy’s successor in 1908
Lincoln’s secretary was named Kennedy, and Kennedy’s secretary named Lincoln
Both were killed by in the head on Friday in the presence of their wives
What happens when we give in to control feelings of fear, guilt, resentment and self-condemnation and judging others?
Haklna related oscillometer magnetic fourth dimension bottom so it can race creeping awareness of communication and influence in our thoughts.
What happens when you stick a wall bed in which human internal wires?
Possible be infected diseases.
Is the education system supports the right or the left part of the brain?
Left, so do not give great importance to the arts and intuition
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