Overview of some gods Sciences Gin civilization in Egypt in the golden age

Overview of some gods Sciences Gin civilization in Egypt in the golden age which Gmo and earlier study in which the effects of ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt, the land of Lafraanh..alard where everything is possible and even where magic and reality .. Ancient Egypt is full of amazing discoveries that old Trina fact our history … despite the fact that we have a number for the myriad of stunning results for Ancient Egypt … But today We will recall the three discoveries defy history as we know it .. and experts around the world still have not been able to explain how these discoveries and thus remains one of the biggest mysteries of the 21st century in terms of Ancient Egypt ..
1. Sphinx: statue dates back 800,000 years old
Sphinx is a statue of Old baffled Alamlme since it was discovered and so far not Bmekdr one that puts a date accurate to him because no written records exist with him, not even Engravings ..oalan researchers from Ukraine suggested a new provocative where scientists suggest that the age of the Sphinx dates back to about 800,000 thousand Theory a year and there are a revolutionary theory supports what Icolanh … According to a study presented at the International Conference for geologists and relics held in Sofia, which was titled: side geologist to the problem of the date of construction of the Sphinx .. says the Sphinx in Egypt old 800,000 thousand years and this will help in rebuilding the writing of history as we know it …
The scientists Mainchiv and Barkhomenko proposed new natural mechanism that can explain the ripples and features of the mysterious to the Sphinx, this mechanism is the impact of the waves on the rocks of the coast and this does not result only through thousands of years to form a layer or more of these ripples and this fact clear to the statue, for example, Black Sea beaches of this process are fulfilled, a horizontal when the waves hit the rocks this result over time lines or disintegrate rock … In fact, note that these lines on the Sphinx made of two scientists that Iatkda that this huge statue was affected by the process that we have mentioned In the case of large water immersion Plumstahat not flooding of the Nile.
2. Great Pyramid (Cheops): much older than previously thought
When we talk about the Great Pyramid in Giza There are two things no one is able to interpret old flour of the pyramid and how to build .. The more important question we all became aware that the pyramids were not tombs of kings, but why make (Constructors) of this pyramid majestic these precision engineered? What we were told about ancient Egypt and the pyramids is quite different from the reality ..alhakiqh is that there are many awe-inspiring about the Great Pyramid features that we do not have any thought about it here I will give details about this pyramid that would s change the way your outlook for this ancient monument according to an analysis believed to be Great Pyramid has a mass of 2.3 million stone, each weighing from 2-30 tons and in some of the blocks weigh more than 50 tons
The question that still exists is how (the old people) that is extracted and transported and installed this big to form a pyramid of rocks It is interesting that the outer cover is made up of 144,000 stone, all polished and flat to the accuracy 100 \ 1-inch thickness of 100 inches and up, each weighing 15 tons and the foundations of stone corner to be resistant to earthquakes. This technique allowed the biggest pyramid that remain standing for thousands of years … the pyramids of Giza much of what we know ..whith ostrich in the Nubia Museum in southern Egypt suggest that Egypt is much older than we said its recent history came this discovery by the world’s oldest English Mallaby virus in 1907 this egg painted with some inscriptions on one of the aspects of the decree of some plants and ostrich On the other side was a decree of the three pyramids.
This discovery is very astonishing because, according to the researchers of this art (engraving on eggs) back for the first Nagada culture, which dates back 7,000 years ago and this is incredible because according to archeology and history tell us that the pyramids of Giza Plateau back to the year 4500 only.
3. papyrus paper to Turin: the old historic document
Papyrus of Turin, also known as the law of Turin is another important ancient text. Although it is not fully saved but Old text is written in hieratic. It is believed that the original list was more than 300 name, separated by precisely the years, months and days of each era of the kings who ruled the ancient land of Egypt .. paper contains a list of wide of the kings of Egypt has been assembled by the Egyptians, and is the basis for the chronology before the reign of Ramses II and the remaining pieces that are priceless it is possible to prove the nine strains belong to the pharaohs, including the Vinarbuls Memphis and North and Hmso Vinarbuls Hor (follow Horus) who ruled until the time of Mena.
According to Caesar Eusebius Roman historian out of Greek it said that the gods dynasty ruled 13900 Year First was the god Vulcan who discovered the fire and after Sojses sun, Isis and Osiris Saturn, Tayfun son of Osiris, Horus, son of the sun followed them heroes strain and demigods who ruled 11025 a year and a total of 24 925 years of their rule.


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