20 best question has not been answered by the

20 best question has not been answered by the
Blocked in history
Traditional educational systems have learned that the man’s history dates back to about 8000 thousand years while religious books says that human history dates back to about 6000 thousand years and all this (nonsense) because these systems intensively working on menstruation fact our history and our assets true for obvious reasons … may I do not agree with some of these questions please consider it with an open mind away from intolerance and you will see that history teaches us that have been manipulated and withheld the truth from us ………..
Was found painted on the skin of gazelle map of Antarctica is frozen in 1929 has developed a map in 1513 by Piri Reis, who has had the privilege of access to the library of Constantinople.
Contained in the notes on the map, Reese says he compiled and copied the data from a large number of maps and ancient sources, some of which dates back to 4000 years BC, the date that we have says that Antarctica books were discovered by Captain James Cook while crossing the circle Antarctic in 1773
1. how he knew Reese Antarctica hundreds of years before Captain James Cook? “Alala’s photo album”
The last time it was discovered Antarctica is frozen was about 4000 years BC
2. Where did you get Constantinople library on that information and who was responsible for the initial fee for that map?
Found on a small clay statue made of clay between the ruins of rubble by drilling a well in Nampa, Idaho in 1889 the statue is a personal one inch long and one and a broken leg at the knee
“second picture”
3. Is it possible that human lived here long before recorded history?
4. How many of the thousands of years back this statue, which was buried about 300 feet underground?
6. There are pyramids in every continent of the world .. built and why?
Ecuador has been found in a large cup and 12 ten smaller cup small cup and all are slightly different in size, if all the small cups filled and then emptied in the large cup and then filled completely, the big trophy was the star studded constellation Orion, which shows and stars Alakhary..icol researcher Klaus Donna within the large magnetic forces of the cup and outside there is nothing but geologists say this is something impossible, because if the stone inside the metal particles must be magnetic field on both sides
7. Scientists say that it is impossible to have a cup magnetic forces inside and outside there is any strong Famen making these cups and where they come from? “‘S third”
Illinois was the discovery of an ancient bronze coin at a depth of 114 feet underground According to the Geological Survey of Illinois back the history of this currency to between 200,000 to 400,000 thousand years.
8. any civilization made this currency “Alsourhalrabah” ???????
Found 350 artifacts in Ecuador in the old tunnel and one of those pieces show the same pyramid known with a fountain in the Summit system and if you put a piece under the dim light you will see at the bottom map of the stars of the belt of Orion along with the presence of writing, one of the The oldest writings on the face of the earth.
According to the research Klaus Donna, were found on the same writing all over the world, proving that there was a global civilization existed much earlier than any Sanskrit writings
9. Why all history classes exclude this information?
Pyramids on the Giza Plateau, which takes a straight line toward the Orion belt
10. Who are the visitors who came to earth belt of Orion?
11. What is the significance of the constellation Orion belt?
Professor Kurt Schildrman not challenged former President of the Association of the German language that he may decipher this writing, which is the oldest of Sanskrit symbols says in translation (the son of the creator comes)
12. what the true meaning of this pyramid and why this symbol is still used? “Seventh picture”
At the time of the pre religions Anunnaki creation myth, Anu had two sons Lankan and Enlil, the Sumerian texts, known as Sri loves whatever genetically modified man who had been extracting gold for them …
13. Does the phrase (the son of the creator comes) refers to Anke? “‘S eighth”
In the Old Testament one God the avenger of millions of people when God appears in the New Testament seems completely different, which is all-loving
14. Is it reflects the Old Testament story of Enlil (vindictive towards humans) and the New Testament story reflects Lanka (loving human beings)?
In the first chapter of the Old Testament verse twenty-six God says: Let us make man in our image and likeness
15. Who are the (Na) (I mean why spoke combination) format?
In 1851 in Dorchester, Massachusetts vase of higher zinc and silver alloy was discovered 15 feet under the ground and lined with engraved flowers bouquets studded with pure silver Omar Billy estimated 100,000 years
16. In accordance with academia What are the civilization which were manufactured like this art before a hundred thousand a year?
It was found more than 200 body spherical metallic-old in South Africa and an estimated 4,500 million a year and there are two types of spherical objects is one of the solid minerals with bluish and other hollow sponge filled with white white spots on the inside
17. historical our records say that the civilized man had been living before 6 to 8000 years BC, but of making these metal balls that date back millions of years? “‘S ninth”
The exception and Precious Metals everything we have in turn will ultimately lead to the soil through thousands of years, including both TV and mobile phones, cars and planes and everything is made of plastic
18. Is it possible that some governors Hakadin Abakonna in the economic dependency of hundreds of thousands of years, if not for millions of years?
All religions share the same stories
19. Is it possible that this template has been used since the earliest incarnations came to this planet, and perhaps billions of years ago?
20. Finally, when we will learn to live without being servants of the economy to the same domination and control system?
Why the real history was hidden from us? What is the purpose of the suppression of this information? How many times have gone and made the civilizations and objects to and from the planet?

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صورة ‏‎Thomas Anderson‎‏.
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صورة ‏‎Thomas Anderson‎‏.

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